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.......Russian Doll internal system ’for every action there's an equal reaction.'

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One of my favourite hobbies is to think.
Most thoughts I can contain in my head like simple maths formulas like 4 x 7 = 28 but some thoughts are more like enormous mathematical formulas that I can not contain all aspects of in my head and simultaneously see them as a whole objectively for evaluation or comparison.  To aid me to view this level of thought I find drawing each aspect of the concepts on paper forms a view of the larger picture, the whole.

I initially do this to help myself see how things work and formulate ways of thinking based on what insight I gain. But I have learnt over the years that others are interested in what I see/draw /conclude so I will share with you some of the insights I have made.

Here I will address a drawing where I was indulged in self analysis of my thinking, performing strategies and was seeing in my mind how this appeared as a greater picture; although I do not see pictures in my mind but thoughts. I have found that I am able to translate those thoughts into visual form by drawing each thought onto paper. In the drawing presented here I realised that the structures I have drawn could reflect my thinking patterns, but also relate to how the world worked in accordance with universal laws, I find this hard to express clearly in words so I will try to explain it clearer but explaining the picture I produced.

The centre of the pattern is the starting point; for the mind to start thinking of the action to be performed or for something to begin in the universe.

Then each section can in a micro sense represent a thought package /concept or in a tangible sense a piece of blog (for me) , a chapter of a book , a chapter of life in a universal sense.

In our minds we have many thought concepts, in life many tasks to achieve, and universally many chapters in life.

Life chapters

We may think of life as a continuum, but really I think it comes in chapters. Which is the same for tasks, e.g. get one qualification so as to go on for the next; so yes a continuous thread but in sections as I have drawn. So each section is a chapter whether in a micro sense like a thought, or in a macro sense, a section (chapter) of life.

There are multiple threads of thought or sections of life, so in the picture multiple threads of sections are what I've drawn. The colours I have used do not represent anything specific but more to display the diversity of aspects a section can represent.


You may note that each segment looks similar to a DNA helix, but what I am trying to portray with these segments is the forces governing each chapter. For everything I believe has a opposite and like repelling magnetic forces, ideas,  tasks or life chapters have opposing variables governing them. I believe this is due to forces in natural law existing to push the segments either way; that’s, positive negative, yin and yang, pass exam or fail, succeed in a life task or flump.

By attempting to take control of your life, by becoming aware of these forces involved for the challenge whether micro or macro one can increase the chances of gaining the desired outcome for the chapter.

You will see that a segment starts from nothing and gradually widens as the chapter actualizes, due to the forces increasing in response to the process of actualisation. The lines drawn between each segment is to represent the 2 forces repelling each opposing side; to the point of nothingness. But then followed by the building of another chapter where the forces switch sides and the colours here represent those aspects that govern the force.

To take control of these segments it is wise to be the one deciding which chapter to work on and from which way/side to approach it. You will see that the colours used will chop and change direction on each following segment; for me this is how I think the laws governing the forces work. With thoughts we gain understanding of a concept and then to be objective, it would be wise to look at it from the opposite direction. I believe this is also the case with projects in life.

Projects in life can behave similarly; behaving predictable most of the time; in that they have a path to follow, e.g. learn information, and take exam on set date. But sometimes other variables cause change, maybe with exam/qualification segment illness causes delay in when the exam is taken. Resisting the change of date to take exam, e.g. doing exam whilst ill creates a different outcome and is resistant to the natural path flow. Therefore flexibility is very important for the smooth running of chapters in life or thoughts, it is wise to become like fluid rather than set.

By attempting to control when these segments end and begin I believe one can take governance over our life. No matter what forces one is up against. By being the maker of each segment starting and deciding which path to take and when to switch between segments or agenda is of upmost importance.

Timing becomes a very crucial variable to master; for the doing of things too soon or too late will result in less favourable results.

Staying calm and focused on each task /thought /chapter in life will result in the best outcomes. Stress worry, fear, self doubt etc will negatively affect the outcome, for these are negative forces that reduce the quality of thoughts, tasks, and life events.

We must therefore choose what to think about, tasks to do, events to partake in. by making those choices and when to do things, we can master our life.

The coloured dots scattered around the segments are symbolic of thoughts, possibilities.  They may help or hinder projects/concept must master ignoring them yet recognising when those thoughts/possibilities may be of use....

A visual insight into this timing came to me in the form of a dream.

I was in danger in my dream; people were all over trying to harm me, in the streets somewhere. I had to avoid them, sometimes run, sometimes hide behind walls or just stand still and allow time to pass. It was like one of the pursuers would cross my path at a certain time and I could get past the crossing paths point by rushing in time or waiting till they passed. This was how I survived, by the sensing of when to go fast or slow, driven by some force connected to within, making gut feelings.

This dream was like an action movie and on waking I understood the meaning and had vision of how to perceive.

The ends of each segment in my drawing are like these meeting points in time and when tasks are completed.

We may sometimes have to wait for the right time to sort something or continue on with what has previously been started. Other times we may have to work a bit faster, whether it’s thinking or acting.

Take the path of least resistance in thoughts/projects/events, that which flows smoothly. One knows instinctively when the time is correct, whereas a force of resistance indicates the time is not correct and it will take excess energy to achieve before time, and may not even be achievable yet. Due to there being other variables that need to take place.

So when obstruction /resistance are occurring in life find another task/thought/challenge to achieve until the force /resistance subsides and it invariably does.

The block/ resistance may have been placed there by those in power e.g. my book to help crack cocaine users stop, is blocked from sales and no matter how many links I make for it on my work on the internet , invariably when I try to go via those pages to my book purchasing link it tells me……Ops could not find http....

I could spend much energy fighting against this block but I choose to take the path of least resistance and therefore accept the book will be blocked that way for now, but say ok what other ways can I get this information to crack/cocaine users and consequently I made videos and provide 13 chapters on my website , enough for users to stop and I also enrich my website and blog with other material that isn’t so blocked and believe indirectly it will bring the awareness of the book to  wider audience ,so if one experiences strong blocks I suggest find another route ,where there’s a will there’s always a way!

We must be aware also of external factors, yes take control of what you can but there are other forces at work in the world.  

Here is a metaphor I can use to convey this, which is of spinning plates. The spinner of the plates on poles has to keep the plates spinning on their poles, but no need to constantly monitor one alone. They can go from each pole to the next keeping a rhythm and making sure none fall. The spinner may go around in a circle attending each pole , but in observation we see they do not just go around in a circle; sometimes a pole for no noticeable reason starts to slow before its due time of its next spin ; many variables exist for its length of time spinning and have to be considered.

By tuning into the governing force connected to within oneself, trusting and surrendering to, I believe results in the best outcomes. It’s like divine guidance aids the success, for we cannot see what is around the corner in the dream or life ,but can trust that a higher power guides us whether it be spirits, angels ,the lord or Allah , by trusting they have our well being held in positive regard we will be guided towards the best possible outcome.

So the evil doers of this world may consult their gods but the guardian angels, Lord/Allah watches all, can see all plans and plots and can orcastrate timing to win if we trust in a higher power to guide us to do so.

My intent was to show this insight of mine with you and I hope that has been achieved, but I recognise the limitations I have in successfully expressing concepts what are in my head clearly into thought.

Thank you for reading I hope you can utilise for your life too.

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